Blogsy iPad App Review

Do you like the current app that you use for mobile WordPress and/or Blogger publication? Don’t you think most of them are very limited and only has easy interface to import media from your local storage? Continue reading

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Slide to Unlock – iOS Game Review

I’ve got an iOS game review here, once again. The game is of course iOS, so for iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads. The game costs 99 cents ($0.99) and its surprisingly awesome. The concept is simple, and all you’ve got to do is slide to unlock. The game has different game modes that mix it up a bit to make it more interesting. You really should buy it if you’re in need of a pick up and play game. Check out the video for more details and a better understanding of the game.

Rating 4/5 stars.
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Buy the Game from iTunes!

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Angry Business Man – iOS Game Review

What’s up guys? I’ve got another iOS game review here for you. This time it’s Angry Business Man and you can watch it right here, or below. The game is simple and I mean simple. I think it’s the simplicity that makes it nice, with simple black and white graphics and tilt controls. All you have to do is keep the running business man in the middle of the screen and jump over any cones that you encounter on the way. It’s a game that is awesome for those times where you have a few minutes to waste and you have nothing to do. If you have the money ($0.99), don’t hesitate to get it!

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Dockulicious-Customize your Dock.

A tutorial on how to customize your Mac OS X dock. It is very simple. All you need for this tutorial is: a web browser and obviously the internet.

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Camera+ iOS App Review

Hello Guys. Today I’ve got another app review for you all. Camera+, and it’s an iOS camera app. This app is awesome for 3 simple reasons; the first is that it takes photos, the second that you can edit them, and the third that they are combined in one app.

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Angry Birds Rio Review

Hello guys.

So I’ve got a new iOS app review out on our YouTube channel and you can watch it right here (or below), but here is the written review of it. Angry Birds Rio is the original Angry Birds, but with the theme of the new movie Rio. Continue reading

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New Youtube Channel Design screen capture 2011-4-24-1-1-13.png

With new blog design comes new youtube channel design…

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Learning Python Intro

Python Logo

This is the first personal project that I would like to start upon the relaunch of It is about me learning Python: a cross-platform programming language. I always wanted to start learning how to program. Continue reading

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As the lead writer for the blog, I am happy to announce that uses Ubuntu Font-Type. As you can see in this current blogpost, and the rest of the website. The reason why I chose to implement this font-face to the website is because, I love Myriad Pro font on my Mac.
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I have just provided the URL to for W3C to validate the coding. Guess what? My website passed the HTML5 validation test with just 2 warnings. The evidence is here. It is very rewarding to see my own creation (or Kriation :) ) come to life. I am hoping to polish my very own theme into a theme, which others can use in the near future. Suggestions? Comments below. Thanks


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